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Main-Sale is END
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Private sale
Feb 10th, 2018, 18:00 CET
Feb 16th, 2018, 18:00 CET
Pre sale
Feb 16th, 2018, 18:00 CET
Feb 23th, 2018, 18:00 CET
Main sale
Feb 23th, 2018, 18:00 CET
March 23th, 2018, 18:00 CET
2223 ETH
1 ETH = 1000 ML
2 000
4 000
6 000
8 000
10 000 ETH
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    MindLink is a project aimed to reach international audience and to become a new standard of e-Learning. A team of specialists with a fresh view on technologies and new efficient ways of utilizing them in the field of sharing and receiving knowledge.

    It is a solution where anyone can become an essential part of the ecosystem created. It is designed for consumers and producers of content of any scale.

For detailed information about our project, please read our White Paper. White Paper


Token Ticker
Token Type
Soft Cap
2 000 ETH
Hard Cap
10 000 ETH
Total Token Issued
20 700 000
10 350 000
Developers, partners
3 105 000
6 210 000
1 035 000
Tokens for Private Sale
2 200 000
Tokens for Pre-Sale
3 150 000
Token for ICO
5 000 000
ML to ETH Rate
1 ETH = 1000 ML
Private Sale Date
Private Sale bonus
Pre-Sale Date
Pre-Sale bonus
Main sale
Main sale bonus
Token distribution
Investors - 10 350 000
Developers - 3 105 000
Reserved - 6 210 000
Bounty - 1 035 000
Budget allocation
Development - 28%
Marketing - 25%
Production - 23%
Legal - 14%
Special - 10%


Q1 2017
Project team building
Identifying project needs, recruiting a team
Market research and concept development
Q3 2017
Concept created
Web-application development
Q4 2017
Preparations for an ICO launch
White paper development; MLToken and Smart-Contract creation
Identifying potential partners and the way of contacting them
Q1 2018
ICO launch
Development team expansion
Q2 2018
Web-application is ready for the closed beta test
Mobile application development
MLToken enters the crypto currency exchange
Contacting partners, creating a productive environment for them.
Q2 2018
Wep-application Closed Beta Test
Mobile app development
MLToken entry into Crypto-currency market
Q3 2018
Web-application open beta test
Mobile app closed beta test
Q4 2018
PR campaign launch
Constant knowledge database expansion
Q4 2018 – Q1 2019
Product is officially entering the global market


What is MindLink?
MindLink is a global educational system that allows every one of you to take part in a knowledge exchanging process.

The main idea is to stick to AAA: accessible, affordable and actual. We offer unique experience: it takes few minutes from first seeing a webpage to starting online courses. Development would be supported on all the popular platform types: desktop/web/mobile.
How the token can be used?
MindLink’s core functionality will be maintained by a utility token — MindLink Token (ML). MLs will be necessary to create and pay for courses, additional services and tools.

Also, MLs will be transferable outside the platform. MindLink holders will be able to operate on the largest digital currency exchange markets, where potential platform users will be purchasing MLs in order to use platform services.
How to participate in MindLink crowdsale?
To participate in ICO you have to be included in the White List.

To be included in the White List - create a request here.

Decision on your request will be sent to the email you specified.

In case of a positive decision - you will additionally receive Ethereum Address to send your contributions to.
What is the total supply of ML Tokens?
Total Token Issued - 20700000.
Tokens for Investors - 10350000.
Tokens for Developers and partners - 3105000.
Reserve - 6210000.
Bounty - 1035000.
Will you have discounts/bonuses?
During the private sale we have a bonus 10%.
During the pre-sale we have a bonus 5%.
Which payments methods do you accept?
The payments are accepted in ETH only. You MUST have the Ethereum wallet address (Master Wallet) in order to receive ML Tokens.
Do you have a bounty campaign?
Yes, we are running a bounty campaign. Follow the link to check the details.